Make the holidays extra-special!

I’ve been scouring Pinterest, Facebook, and even some old-fashioned magazines for holiday ideas. While traditions are important and meaningful, sometimes adding a couple of new twists can make the holidays extra-special!

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Hot Chocolate Bar on Christmas Eve-make a large pot of your favorite cocoa. (I plan to use my large coffee percolator.) Set out a variety of marshmallows (they come in different shapes and flavors now!) and other mix-ins, like mini-chocolate chips, crushed candy canes, instant coffee granules, and so on. Set out a can of whipped cream and you’re all set!

Holiday Buddies-assign partners for the meal. (This will be especially great for our large extended family!) Ask the partners to sit together and learn about what is going on in that person’s world. Many times families (and kids) all sit together. This simple idea will break down generational and family lines and get people talking. Can’t wait to try this!

Christmas Trivia-(available on Amazon). Place the cards on the counter or table. Encourage everyone to take one and at different times during the meal, have each person quiz the group. This happened spontaneously for us one year and we had a blast. Great for after the meal over dessert, too!

What new things are you trying this year with your family?


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